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Bala Brook

Retreat Centre on Dartmoor

Equinox Detox

Yoga, Conscious Cooking, Holistic Living

with Michelle Levi and Ollie Frame - September 21st - 24th

Is your body asking for a re-boot and refresh? Do you have a difficult relationship with food? Do you sometimes eat from emotional reasons? Open to everyone our Equinox Detox Retreat offers you the chance to cleanse body in an easy, relaxed and balanced way leaving you refreshed, energised and inspired. A time to soften and relax into the lush natural beauty of Dartmoor and the rich variety of yogic practices away from emails, texts, tweets and to-do lists. Michelle will offer yoga asana based on the traditional Hatha yoga postures, taught in a way that is fluid and free and up-to-date taking into account each individual’s needs. Ollie will talk you through guided relaxations - Yoga Nidra - nothing to do but lie back, listen to the voice and relax, allowing the deep healing to occur.

Michelle By combining asana practice (yoga postures) with meditation, relaxation, conscious cookery, discussions, nutritional guidance, pranayama (breathwork) and singing, we offer an experience of holistic living. This means developing a rich and meaningful connection with our experience, with our bodies, with those around us, and with our purpose and place in the world. 

The schedule is designed in such a way as to balance activity with rest, discussions and socialising with quiet, reflective time, and earnest inner exploration with fun and laughter. The retreat experience can be deep and transformational, and we put a lot of care into setting up an environment that is safe, nurturing and supportive. At Holistic Yoga Retreats, we are committed to promoting improved health, wellbeing and understanding, for the benefit of all beings.

The food served will be delicious, nourishing and simple and especially suitable for practitioners of yoga and mediation.

Michelle and Ollie have been working together holding spiritual retreats of various kinds for many years. Ollie Frame is a polarity therapist, integrative counsellor, mindfulness teacher and ayurvedic caterer with his own set of wholefood recipes that combine the wisdom of ancient traditions with the vitality of contemporary cooking styles.

Michelle Levi has been teaching Hatha Yoga for over 15 years, having completed a 9-month, full-time Teacher Training Course at Yoga Arts, Australia. Studying with senior teachers over the last decade, she continues to evolve her practice and teaching style. Michelle’s main aim in teaching yoga is to help us live with more ease, kindness and awareness of the interconnectedness of all things.

Some special features will include silent group walking meditations along the river, singing circles outside around the fire with guitar and accordion, skinny dipping in the brook, nature ceremony Your healthy investment begins at £355
This includes accommodation, classes, cookery booklet and 3 delicious, healthy, vibrant meals a day, individual massage sessions will be available by arrangement at an extra cost. There will be a maximum of 13 guests.

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Typical Day Schedule

The retreat will open at 4.30pm on the first day and finish by 2pm on the last day.

7.00-8.00am Gentle Movement, Meditation, Pranayama
8.30am Breakfast
9.30-10.30am Conscious Cooking, Holistic Living
11.00-12.45 Yoga Asana
12.45 Lunch
13.15-15.30 Free time for relaxing, swimming
15.30-16.30 Gentle Yoga or walk
17.15-18.30 Yoga Nidra
18.30 Dinner
20.00-21.00 Singing around the fire with guitar and accordion..

Michelle and Ollie

“Michelle and Ollie are a wonderful, kind combination who work well together to provide a holding place to learn and experience yoga, mindfulness, cooking and other life benefits. The retreat feels very nurturing and with so much variety - so much in one weekend. A complete joy.”
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