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Qigong, Meditation and Inquiry Retreats

with Brad Richecoeur

8 - 13 November 2019

These retreats offer the practices of Qigong, Meditation and Inquiry to awaken our capacity to become a true human being and live life with power, love and wisdom.

The retreat is limited to 14 students, with the intention of being a small group with time for sharing of our experience and individual guidance. The retreat creates a powerful crucible of Transformation, both within each of us and with the group, to burn through our old limitations, ideas, habits and identities. Together we cultivate a quality of Presence, an embodied, heartful awareness that is curious, responsive, insightful and engaged with the immediacy of each moment. Resting in Presence we can begin to surrender and open more to our sense of ‘dynamic stillness’, that is both alive and awake.

Within this field of Presence the specific practice of Huagong Qigong will include connecting to the central channel, energy fields, the three dantians and the transformation of the Three Treasures of Jing, Qi, Shen. Through the physical aspect of the Qigong, we cultivate our Jing, physical essence or power, rejuvenating the body on a cellular level.

The Meditative practices contain a strong energetic transmission, liberating the Qi, releasing ‘stale energy’ and ‘old information’, connecting us both to the richness of our inner life and the deep nourishment of life all around us. From a grounded, connected, settled, open state we let go into a more responsive practice, allowing the Qi to move us, freeing up the body light, or Shen. This initiates a strong internal transformation, re-connecting us to our essential nature and awakening our potential to live as a true human being. The practice of Inquiry in pairs explores various themes arising from the retreat within an environment of Presence, stillness, and curiosity, helping us to integrate the depths of our being with the ordinariness of everyday life.

There will be early morning Qigong and meditation before breakfast, with sessions throughout the day and evening and time to rest and digest the practice. Some of the retreat will be in silence.

Cost of each retreat: £590 including accommodation and food.

Residential retreat in a beautiful, peaceful and secluded location on the edge of Dartmoor with shared accommodation, some single rooms, organic vegetarian meals.

Friday 4 pm - Wednesday 2 pm

For more information or to book please contact Brad Richecoeur on 01364 644040 or by email

To penetrate the hardest armour, use the softest touch.
Yielding melts resistance, density is filled with light.
Good work accomplished without effort.
In silence the teachings are heard
In stillness the world is transformed
Lao Tse, Tao te Ching, translation unknown