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Women's Retreat

The Menopause - Yoga and Nutrition

with Lucie Minne and Polly Agar

27 - 29 September 2019


Following our successful Women’s retreat 2018, we can again offer a space to unwind and reconnect with your inner source of being in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The program will support the nurturing of ourselves through yoga, both empowering and restorative, deep rest, breathing exercises and meditation, including a special evening sequence for better sleep. There will be some periods of silence providing a precious opportunity to find the still place within.

We will also look at how what we eat can affect our experience of the menopause, and all the food and recipes on the retreat will have been carefully researched and selected to be especially beneficial for women at this time of their lives. At Bala Brook we are surrounded by nature and there will be opportunities to explore the atmospheric landscape of Dartmoor, or you can choose to relax, be still and soak in the innate peace of this special place.

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